phil_lockwoodPhil Lockwood is an experienced technologist with a strong history in the design and implementation of high-volume systems. He has performed many roles, such as Senior Software Engineer, Senior Applications Engineer, Director of Engineering, and most recently as a Consultant, while working in industries as diverse as digital entertainment, mobile/wireless technology, and email marketing.

Mr. Lockwood studied at Harvey Mudd College, taking courses in Systems Engineering and Philosophy, and is an accomplished guitarist, composer, and music producer, with several compositions internationally licensed by major television networks.

Some of his most recent work includes:

– Designed software components for desktop, web, and mobile while providing his team with technical guidance

– Migrated digital entertainment website from CMS-based implementation to a scalable site based on Python and Django; removed database bottlenecks, splitting the system into loosely-coupled, modular services; organized daily stand-ups, managed development schedule, and mentored junior team members

– Led the core services and QA teams for mobile software company; migrated a bottlenecked architecture into a system that handled 20x the users; scaled the data model & application layer, and distributed the database in addition to writing code

Some of Mr. Lockwood’s core competencies include:

– Ruby, Sinatra, Rails, Java, Spring, Hibernate, Python, Django, MySQL, MongoDB, Oracle, AWS, Perl, Linux, Redis, and Memcache

Mr. Lockwood joins Telegraph Hill Program Initiatives as a senior software engineer specializing in automation. We’re very glad to have an engineer with such a balanced skill set join our team of elite consultants.