David Ward, Founder & CEO


david wardDavid Brian Ward’s career spans 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur and leader of software innovation and implementation at firms large and small.

After a successful start as chief engineer, Mr. Ward began his IT consulting career at startup incubator company Teknekron, which eventually evolved into successful firms such as Tibco. He then transitioned to working as a strategic program lead at multiple Fortune 1000 clients.  After leading product development at Hyperion/Oracle, Mr. Ward became CEO for a number of venture capital-backed startups, and he continues to mentor founders and technology entrepreneurs to this day.

Mr. Ward exhibits extraordinary leadership skills and technical acumen across a broad range of technology components, and is as comfortable in the C-suite as he is with Agile scrums.

Mr. Ward founded Telegraph Hill in 2010 with the goal of providing leading edge co-located software development and IT management teams leveraging open source technologies to companies in San Francisco and Silicon Valley.  At Telegraph Hill, we believe small teams of co-located elite engineers always achieve the greatest results fastest at least cost.