Senior Software Engineer

Bob Smith is an accomplished software engineer, working as an employee, contractor, consultant, and business owner. Initially working on real-time systems and kernel-level software for microprocessors and minicomputers, Mr. Smith then specialized in document image analysis, handprint segmentation, and character recognition.

More recently he has been working in voice recognition and natural language processing. He has extensively worked with C, C++, and Java in Unix and PC environments.

Some of his more recent projects include:

  • Developing state-of-the-art system for semantic and linguist evaluation of text streams toward providing complex automated feedback and scoring for student essays and short response items; text conversion from different capture modalities, including hand-print and voice, which will feed the central text analysis and evaluation engine (Kensington Language Systems, Principal)
  • Served as one of the principal engineers for the development of a state-of-the-art document imaging system in the banking and financial industry for high speed, high volume processing of checks, as well as other supporting paper, including invoices, coupons, and remittance. Designed and implemented a framework for the automated reading of hand-print and machine-printed checks in an environments where there is very low error tolerance. Worked in a small image character recognition (ICR) development group, designing and implementing analytic product enhancements
  • Designed and implemented a prototype automated essay scoring system for a the research group of a leading education company. The prototype extracted linguistic features from typed student essays and assigned a score using sophisticated statistical techniques. Worked on a prototype for conversion of handprint essays to text for purposes of scoring. Also worked on a system for evaluation of speech by non-native speakers of English for the purpose of formative assessment

Mr. Smith earned his Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from UC Berkeley, while also studying the French and Spanish languages in-depth. We’re excited to bring his unique set of technical knowledge and abilities to the team here at Telegraph Hill.