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Today, every year, one in 50 children is being diagnosed with autism, and 25% of those are labeled “non-verbal”. It is estimated worldwide 33.5 million children will be born with autism and severe speech delays. Many parents were told that if their child didn’t acquire speech by age 4 or 5, most likely they never would—pretty devastating!

“Appropo Software was started to develop game apps that I could not find for my son. He loves his iPad, as do most children, but children with autism in particular. I was astounded that with his lack of interest for most activities, how motivated he was with it. There is something about the reliable and consistent feedback from a computer that is so appealing to him. I thought that if there was a speech activated app that would require him to use his voice, he might be motivated to speak for fun independently.”- Nea Hanscomb, Founder, Appropo Software,LLC



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The Sayin’ It app is an excellent example of the integration of:

  1. Creative domain experts (experience with autism)
  2. Artists (graphics, music, colors),
  3. Experts in mobile iOS Objective C, graphics, and consumer interaction software
  4. Experts in voice-activated learning systems, AI and machine learning
  5. Experts in using voice recognition technology for non-fluent speakers
  6. Project management of overseas and local developers/advisors
  7. IOS test and release management

“All these elements were brought together through Telegraph Hill leadership to create a deceptively simple mobile application with the potential to help a great many children,“ stated David Ward, Founder & CEO of Telegraph Hill Program Initiatives. “Sayin It” has been a rewarding experience for everyone involved.


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